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Welcome to the Knights of the Inferno International Firefighters Motorcycle Club. Our membership is open to active or retired firefighters, EMS, military service members, OEM members, their families, and select civilians who enjoy riding. The emergency & military services are a brotherhood and we are all loyal to our duty, our community, and our country. This is why we have "brotherhood and loyalty" as part of our colors and it's the foundation on which the club is based. We are an independent club and a registered Non-Profit Organization that enjoys riding whenever and wherever. We are elite among emergency service clubs and will only accept those that stand for what the club is based on, BROTHERHOOD and LOYALTY. Membership to the club is selective and it's not guaranteed. All types of motorcycles are accepted. We are rapidly expanding with Chapters in the United States, Canada, and Europe. We ride to remember all of our fallen and injured emergency and military service members and to assist them, their families, and the community in any way possible.

Our club creed: "Quos Virtus Iunctum, Mors Mos Non Distinctus."

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