Traveling Vietnam Wall 2015
Christmas 2016
In 2016 we started our "Adopt-A-Family" for Christmas. Both parents of this family are in serving in the military and the father was deployed for Christmas. The woman in the center/left of the first photo is Ohio State Representative Candice Keller, who gave us the contact info for this family.
Christmas 2017
In 2017 we continued our Tradition. The picture on the left was 20 gift bags for children hospitalized at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Liberty Campus. The picture on the right is us with Kiley Ann Conrad, a young woman who was born handicapped and blind.
Christmas 2018
For 2018, Vernon "Odin" Spoon was our recipient. Vern is a United States Navy veteran who served his country from 1975 thru 1982 as a Cryptologic technician. He continued to serve his community as an EMT and a volunteer firefighter, Secretary and life member of the Lakehurst NJ Fire Department.
    At the end of October 2012 Vern’s life was devastatingly changed by hurricane Sandy when his home was catastrophically damaged by the storm. A tree had fallen into the home leaving a whole in the roof. Due to the fact that his family home was paid off and times were tough, Vern did not have homeowner’s insurance and he was unable to repair the damages. Inclement weather over the years has contributed to even more damage to the exterior and interior of his home. causing not only more structural issues but mold in the home. His living conditions have become so severe that the municipality has been issuing fines and threatening to condemn his home. 
    As if this wasn’t enough, two life threatening illnesses hit him over the past three years and landed him in surgery and forced extended stays in the hospital on two separate occasions. The medical bills and time missed at work created a landslide effect which crippled his ability to make any changes to his situation. 
    We donated directly to Vern's fund to help restore his home to a livable condition.